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production process

Gritankos has a complex process of making the Copper Slag Grit  pure of quality for its costumers. This process is carefully observed by field experts. We divide the process of production the grit in 4 levels.

  • Washing
  • Drying
  • Granulation
  • Packing


Copper Slag Grit goes through a multiple process of washing until we remove all the dust, mud, clay and all other unnecessary wastes that grit contains.


After the process of washing grit goes through a process of drying and it goes inside the furnace where it gets drying in a temperature of 250 degree Celsius °C until it dries and until the dust is removed and we get pure Copper Slag Grit and quality at its finest.


After the process of washing and drying the product with the help of fully automated technology grit goes to the granulation process where we put the grit in to the granulation process and makes it to the final granulation of requested from costumer.


After the three most important processes are done we come to another important process of packing where grit is packed, we pack grit in two different packings in Jumbo Bag or in Paper Sack Bag.



Copper Slag Grit is a blast cleaning grit made of granulated slag from metal melting processes


Our Copper Slag Grit possesses all the qualities of abrasive material widely used in anti-corrosion


Gritankos from the beginning has been certified from the most know worldwide laboratories in the world


Packing is one of the most important things for us, we care for the packing of our products